J & R Leasing, Co., Inc.

J & R Leasing, Co., Inc., also owned by Rose and John Sperratore, offers many products for commercial rental on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at competitive rates. 


Equipment offerings are listed below.  Contact Rose by email for a quote.

Equipment Trailers

Equipment trailers are perfect for hauling equipment and machines to and from events and jobsites. Our 36' open trailers have a 21 ton GVW, and can be equipped with ramps.

Fuel Cells

For smaller events and venues, J & R Leasing offers a 100 gal diesel fuel tank, as well as 500 gal fuel cells, for diesel and gasoline. These are perfect for events where a fuel truck cannot travel onto the site, or for when your fueling needs do not require a larger tank, saving you money. 

All come equipped with 12vdc transfer pumps.  The 500 gal tanks are easily loaded by fork truck onto two available trailers specifically designed for the fuel cells, while the 100 gal tank is easily off-loaded from truck to truck.


Call Sperr's Fuel and Heating to pump out any remaining fuel after your event or job is finished.

Electrical Panels

Mobile electrical panels are perfect for events and emergency services such as when swapping out old equipment and power is needed during the switch. The panels can hold up to 1200amp service. Breakers and cable are supplied by the customer.

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