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Quality maintenance is important to extend the life and performance of your heating and AC units. For over thirty years, our name has been synonymous with first-rate HVAC services in Delaware and Chester Counties.


Our product range has grown to meet today's ever-changing demands, continuously adopting the latest technology. We offer our customers both installation and service for air conditioning and heating systems. All of the systems we install are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to service and operate.


Are you ready to upgrade your heating and air conditioning units? Let our service professionals come out for a free consultation, and offer recommendations. 



Sperr's Fuel and Heating offers service and service contracts for those who have been a Sperr's customer for at least one heating season and whose account is in good standing.


Service contracts are written on a yearly basis (May 1 through April 30) and include one furnace cleaning, annual burner service tune up, all burner service calls, and many replacement parts. We also insure the parts we use should any be defective and need to be replaced.


The contract does not cover any domestic water parts or combination heat and air conditioning parts, i.e., blower motor or blower parts, or type M relay.


Heater cleanings are completed from mid-April through the end of October each year.

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