Fuel Delivery

Sperr's Fuel and Heating's reputation was built on prompt and courteous service. Because we understand the needs and emergency nature of the service industry, Sperr's Fuel offers around the clock delivery of fuel to keep your operations running smoothly. 


Our phones are answered promptly.  After hours calls are usually answered within the hour to minimize the need for repeat calls. 


Sperr's Fuel does not charge for emergency deliveries on holidays or weekends. However, we do charge $25 if we need to start your heater after it has been run out of oil.


* We have just instituted a 150-gallon minimum on all fuel deliveries. 





Home Heating Oil
(150 gal minimum)

Ultra Low Diesel Dyed
(for generators and other equipment)

Ultra Low Sulfur Dyed w/ Additive (outside tanks)


We are in our new office:

421 Smithbridge Road

Suite 2

Glen Mills, PA 19342




PA HIC# 125969

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